„Аз мога — тук и сега”
26 — 28 април 2024г., град Девин

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Anna Rose McIntyre ЖУРИ

Fulbright Bulgaria

Hello, I'm looking forward to meeting you all! I am a graduate of Palm Beach Atlantic University where I dual majored in English Literature and Education with a concentration in Philosophy.

Last year I taught 6-8 grade Social Studies in Florida while applying to travel here, to Bulgaria, where I currently teach in Stara Zagora.

From the mountains to the monasteries, Bulgaria never fails to amaze me with its natural and cultural beauty; my goal is to visit every province in the country before returning home to teach and obtain a Masters in Cultural Studies.

I would love to chat with you this weekend about your writing, your dreams, hobbies, favorite jokes, books, films, etc.

See you in Devin!

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