„Аз мога — тук и сега”
26 — 28 април 2024г., град Девин

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Ana Klicic ЖУРИ

Fulbright Bulgaria

Hello! My name is Ana, and I am an English teacher currently based in Goce Delchev.

Before I came to Bulgaria through the Fulbright program, I taught in New York City for six years. While my primary concentration was literacy, I have also taught mathematics, science, and social studies. I also originated my school's Anime elective, taught an after-school robotics program, and became a curriculum developer for my school district focusing on younger grades' STEAM education.

I graduated with my Master's of Science in Adolescent Education in Literacy from St. John's University in 2018. I also hold a Bachelor's in English Language, Literature, and Criticism from Hunter College of the City University of New York. Reading is my first love, and I am excited that, after many lessons and textbook chapters, I am now able to do it in Bulgarian as well (just please don't ask me to speak).

I am very excited to meet you all in Devin!

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„Аз мога — тук и сега” - единение от съмишленици работещи в полза на и за деца, юноши, младежи и преподаватели от/в средното образование